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Gift Box Package

Aug 22, 2017

If you want to give a good friend a gift, metaphor cup ah or scarf or something. Directly to his words without a sense of mystery is not enough good-looking, how to pack up better look? In fact, packaging is very easy Oh, we may wish to see. Here to install a cup of the box to packaging, for example, the other packaging methods are similar.

Method / step

1, ready to wrap paper, preferably with a beautiful pattern of colored packaging paper, as well as ribbons, tape, double-sided adhesive and so on.

2, the packaging paper with a blade cut into a slightly larger than the size of the box look like. Put the cup into the carton sealed, so there are shapes, then, will be better packaging.

3, pay attention to the safety of the blade when the problem is best to flatten the edge of the wrapping paper. First cut the packaging paper to wrap the whole box up. Stick with tape.

4, then the two ends of the wrapping paper on the stack, the last two ends have become a triangle. Here is the key.

5, the three sides of the triangle and then stacked together, with a sticky tape. Then the bottom is also the same two triangular paste affixed. The wrapping paper has basically wrapped the gift box.

6, this time to pull the ribbon into the bow look, and then double-sided adhesive on it. The gift is packed.