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Folding Box Technical Features

Sep 18, 2017

Folding box is a very widely used green packaging containers, not only widely used in drugs, food, cigarettes and handicrafts packaging, but also for soft drinks, cleaning supplies, cultural and educational supplies, hardware products.

Packaging folding box with low processing costs, storage and transportation for a variety of printing methods, and folding box for automatic packaging, easy to sell and display, with good recycling, and conducive to environmental protection and so on.

With the people's awareness of environmental protection to further enhance. Folding boxes are widely used in fruit juice, milk, cooked food, snacks, medicines and cosmetics products such as packaging. Coupled with its stacking can be stacked before the stacking transport and storage greatly reduces the storage and transportation costs of the characteristics. In recent years has made rapid progress. As the folding box with low processing costs, storage and transportation, suitable for a variety of printing methods, easy to sell and display, for automated packaging, recycling is good, is conducive to environmental protection and other characteristics, as people's living standards continue to improve, The demand for boxes will continue to increase, but also the quality of the production of cartons also put forward higher requirements.

Folding Box Processing Technology and Its Development

At present, the folding box printing of new technologies, new equipment, new technology continues to emerge, technological innovation constantly two-color printing press, is to high-quality, multi-color direction, from the simulation of mechanical operations to digital automation operations, from independent processing to the Line processing development. Its technical features are digital simulation design for product applications, digital color management and printing process platform applications, integrated product production and ERP and DAM production management. The main technology and its development are summarized as follows:


Box design and three - dimensional digital simulation

Folding box printing production in the CIP3 / CIP4 digital technology under the framework of print, has the box design and three-dimensional digital simulation into its product production system. In the box design and three-dimensional digital simulation, the designer application of professional software, according to the user's final needs and printing production process will be broken box production into functional structure and its molding design and surface finishing method design two links. The screen printing network, functional structure and molding design is to achieve the folding box to protect the needs of packaged products, as well as to determine the die and paste the box and the method (given a variety of processes to meet the requirements of the digital control Line, such as die cutting line, tear line, polyline, etc.). The design of the surface finishing method will be based on box-type digital control lines to design landscaping and display products, as well as a variety of decorative process lithography, graphics and molding to match. When the two links are completed, according to the two types of data obtained, the use of three-dimensional digital simulation technology to simulate the actual effect of folding box and folding method can also be used in the actual use of materials using digital proofing technology to produce samples. Nanjing printing plant

Digital integration of prepress production technology

Folding box prepress production technology can be summarized as: the content of the expression of digital, expression of color, functional structure of personalized. And thus requires the folding box using digital integrated pre-press production technology, in the analysis of folding box product graphic data, forming control data and equipment based on the basis of the work, optimize the graphic processing and layout method printed every day, the page content description data, Various process and management of the control data and forming processing data can be smooth to pass and transform, to achieve the content description data, printing control data and forming processing data integration.

Folding box prepress production technology of digital integration mainly in the following two aspects.

(1) box-type design data and pre-press processing data benchmark integration, that is, in the folding box design printing Hangzhou, functional structure and forming processing data and surface finishing processing data must be based on the printing conditions in reverse of the pre-press control benchmark To carry out to ensure that the product design and printing results consistent.

(2) pre-press data and printing, India and its surface finishing process data integration, that is, the box design data processing two-color printing press, the special processing of the post-processing must be processed, such as hot stamping part of the pretreatment The Also use CIP3 / CIP4 to generate print ink control data, die-cut data, and online quality control data directly from prepress data. So as to establish the control parameters of each quality control element and process control point, realize the stability of the equipment reference, the correct data transfer and the simple control.

Printing technology of large format and digital control four - color printing presses

Large format printing technology consisting of large format printing presses (740mm × 1050mm above), large format digital imaging equipment, CTP technology, connection processing technology, digital color management and digital production process. The application of the target from the landscaping products to the integration of products and sales show an important symbol of the transformation.

At present, in the global folding box from the "quality efficiency" to "quality and efficiency of cost-effective" changes and product color and high-quality high-end needs of the rapid development of market and product competition directly led to a technical value-added and product competitiveness Dual - effect Large Format Printing Technology and Its Digital Control. Its technical characteristics mainly in the following aspects.

(1) the use of all-digital integrated printing operations. That is to force enterprises to improve the technical threshold tag exhibition, from the traditional experience to digital management changes.

(2) to establish a product to guide the market's innovative production model. That is, from data to product integration, breakthrough folding box in large format high-capacity production in the printing quality bottlenecks.

(3) competition from a single factor competition into a comprehensive ability to compete. The folding box market is being subdivided and integrated, thus requiring the printing staff, enterprise resources and their technology must be innovative.