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Folding Box Structure

Jul 11, 2017

Folding carton normal for the right angle hexahedron, Folding Box the structure is divided into box cover, box body, box at the end of three parts. Folding Box The following box on the production of common box cover, Folding Box box bottom structure were introduced.

1. Common folding carton lid can be divided into one-time open, Folding Box multiple open and the first open into a new cover three. Figure 4-16 is the basic tray of the upper and lower cover structure. There are five ways to hold the lid:

(1) the use of friction between the cardboard to prevent the lid automatically spread.

(2) the use of cardboard on the bayonet, stuck wings, Folding Box and will not automatically spread.

(3) the use of plug structure, the swing wings lock each other, do not let it automatically spread.

(4) the use of swing wings inserted each other write off, Folding Box do not let it automatically spread.

(5) the use of adhesives will be wandered with each other, do not let it automatically spread.

2. Commonly used folding carton lid main form.

(1) card-type sealing. The card-type box cover is on the basis of the plug-in wings, and a slot is opened at both ends of the main wing flap line. When the lid is closed, Folding Box the edge of the vice wing will catch the main rock Wing of the slot, so that the main wing can not automatically spread out. The card-type structure utilizes both the frictional force and the wings of each other to secure the lid, so that it is more reliable than a plug-in method with a fixed friction force alone. The slot of the card is sealed with holes, holes and notches. In addition, Folding Box on the basis of the card, combined with the box body to extend the small tongue back into the lid and cover the middle of the crease open, more solid seal relationship, the lid will not automatically open at the same time, But also to assume a larger lift the weight, play a double insurance role. This method is usually used in the box larger, the use of thick paper, a certain load-bearing carton closure, such as precision, fragile items, Folding Box hardware products, digital products, packaging (Figure 4-17).

(2) plug-in seal. The main body of the box is provided with a main wing wing and left and right vice wing (dust wings). The main wing is extended to the tongue, Folding Box and the tongue is inserted into the box for sealing and fixing. Insert the lid is to use the insertion of the tongue and the side of the carton between the friction, to prevent the lid automatically open, so that the tray to maintain a good sealing state. Plug-in carton lid open easy, with re-sealing function, easy to buy when consumers open the lid to observe the goods, can be accessed multiple times, belong to a number of open lid

Plug-in seal. In the case of a box, Folding Box there are several variations of the plug-in seal, one on the basis of the insert, using the shrouded tongue, which is extended from the box, into the crease slot of the cover and the tongue The box is securely sealed and does not automatically open the way also known as double insurance type sealing, is a common sealing structure, Folding Box this form of the lid fixed and reliable (Figure 4-19). One is the plug-in and lock-type combination of the lid structure. The two pairs of the lid are locked with each other, and the main wing is simply inserted, this structure in the glass outside the carton packaging used more (Figure 4-20). There is also a box for the tray structure, the lid is a simple insert structure, the front end of the design into a specific plug hook lock structure, the use of hook lock closed (Figure 4-21). In addition, there are common small appliances, computer hardware, Folding Box digital appliances and other high-precision, high protection needs of the product used in a plug-type sealing way, most of the box for the tray structure, For the simple insertion structure, Folding Box in the lid on both sides of the extension of the tongue, inserted into the folding of the double-walled box box slot, multi-layer enclosed and double-tongue firmly sealed, Folding Box high protection performance, and the appearance of simple and beautiful

Adhesive cap type. Folding Box The adhesive cap is a cap structure that bonds the four wings of the lid. Adhesive way is a single glue and two kinds of glue. The lid of the sealing performance is better, Folding Box often with the stick-type structure used together, commonly used in high sealing requirements of a one-time packaging. This structure is suitable for high-speed automatic packaging machine to complete,Folding Box high efficiency, low cost, often used to package powder and granular products, such as washing powder, cereals, etc., so the amount of tube folding box