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Folding Box Quality Control And Production Management

Nov 02, 2017

Folding box is a very widely used green packaging containers, not only widely used in drugs, food, cigarettes and handicrafts packaging, but also for soft drinks, cleaning supplies, cultural and educational supplies, hardware products.

Packaging folding box with low processing costs, storage and transportation for a variety of printing methods, and folding cartons for automatic packaging, easy to sell and display, with good recycling, and conducive to environmental protection and so on.

With the people's awareness of environmental protection to further enhance. Folding cartons are widely used in the packaging of fruit juice, milk, cooked food, snacks, medicines and cosmetics. Coupled with its stacking can be stacked before the stacking transport and storage greatly reduces the storage and transportation costs of the characteristics. In recent years has made rapid progress. As the folding carton with low processing costs, easy storage and transportation, suitable for a variety of printing methods, easy to sell and display, for automated packaging, recycling is good, is conducive to environmental protection and other characteristics, as people's living standards continue to improve, The demand for folding cartons will continue to increase, but also the quality of the production of cartons also put forward higher requirements.

Folding box prepress production technology of digital integration mainly in the following two aspects.

(1) box-type design data and pre-press processing data benchmark integration, that is, folding in the folding carton design Hangzhou, functional structure and forming processing data and surface finishing processing data must be based on the printing conditions inversion of the pre-press control Benchmark to carry out to ensure that the product design and printing results consistent.

(2) pre-press data and printing, India and its surface finishing process data integration, that is, the box design data processing two-color printing press, the special processing of the post-processing must be processed, such as hot stamping part of the pretreatment The Also use CIP3 / CIP4 to generate print ink control data, die-cut data, and online quality control data directly from prepress data. So as to establish the control parameters of various quality control elements and process control points, to achieve the stability of the equipment benchmark, the correct data transfer, control is simple.

Quality control and production management

The digitalization of the folding box printing quality control is based on the printing of the printing system based on the systematic inversion of the printing paper, that is, from the printing inversion to the design data, and then using the closed circuit based on digital image acquisition and processing technology control system Image quality for real-time monitoring, adjustment and control, digital connection printing quality detection and control system using high-definition, high-resolution high-speed camera lens image gravure printing to standard proof data as a standard, real-time contrast shooting image Standard sample of the difference can be accurately found in the printing process 0.10mm size of the stains, ink points, color and other defects carton printing press, completely eliminate human error.

Folding box printing production management of digital is in the color management platform, through the digital production system and enterprise ERP management system to establish the folding box printing process data flow, control flow and management flow data optimization, from the settlement folding carton printing Time management, material management, quality management, cost management, market development, financial and human resource management, and the use of digital production processes and ERP to optimize the cost of redundancy, redundancy and redundancy.

To the integration of functional and application direction

Folding box printing has been the use of traditional printing and digital printing of various technical methods, the application of a variety of printing materials Beijing screen printing, despite the diverse forms, process technology changeable, but the development trend of folding box print is the function and application of the mutual Financial packaging, that is to protect the product packaging function, product application of landscaping and display functions and security features to integrate, so that folding cartons really become a product application and its value-added media and means.

Folding box function and application integration will bring the folding box printing business and its upstream and downstream industry related to technological progress and change, through the digital to achieve folding carton function and application description, process control and application innovation Beijing Hualian printing, Driving new materials, new ideas and new products.