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Folding Box Processing Technology

Oct 16, 2017

Folding box is a kind of wide application of green packaging containers, not only widely used in medicine, food, cigarettes and packaging of the arts and crafts, also used for soft drinks, washing supplies, stationery, hardware products.

Folding carton packaging has the processing cost is low, the storage and transportation is convenient, applicable to all kinds of printing mode, and folding carton is suitable for automatic packaging, sales and display, easy to have a good recovery, environmental protection, etc.

As people become more environmentally conscious. Folding carton is widely used in the packaging of juice, milk, cooked food, snacks, medicine and cosmetics. Plus, the ability to stack-type stacking and storage before folding can significantly reduce storage and transportation costs. Rapid progress has been made in recent years. Due to the folding carton has the processing of low cost, convenient storage, suitable for all kinds of printing way, facilitate sales and good display, suitable automatic packaging, recycling, beneficial to environmental protection and other characteristics, as people living standard unceasing enhancement, the demand for folding carton will continue to increase, and the production quality of carton is also put forward higher requirements.

Folding box processing technology and its development

At present, the folding carton printing of new technology, new equipment, new technology constantly emerging, technical innovation constantly two-color printing presses, is developing to the direction of high quality, multicolor, from analog to digital automation machinery operation operation development, from independent development machining to the attachment. Its technical features are digital simulation design for product application, digital color management and printing process platform application, integrated product production and ERP and DAM production management. The main technologies and their development are summarized as follows:

Box design and 3d digital simulation

The folding carton printing production is printed in CIP3/CIP4 digital technology frame, and has incorporated the box design and 3d digital simulation into its production system. In the box type design and 3 d digital simulation, the software designer application, according to user's final demand as well as printing production process of folding carton production is decomposed into functional structure and its forming process design and surface finishing method design two links. With silk screen printing mesh, function structure and its forming process design is to meet the needs of the folding carton protection packaged products, and to determine the methods of die cutting and pasting box for the (given could satisfy the requirement of process after all kinds of digital control line, such as die tangent, tear line, line, etc.). The design of the surface finishing method should be based on the box type digital control line to design and beautify and display the product patterns and various finishing process lithography, so that the drawing text and the molding match. When two link is completed, according to the two types of data obtained, using three-dimensional digital simulation technology to simulate the actual effect and the folding method of folding carton Shanghai printing quotation, also can use in actual material samples on digital proofing technology application. Nanjing printing plant

Pre-press production technology digital integration

The pre-printing technology of folding paper box can be summarized as: content expression digitalization, expression form color, functional structure personalization. And folding carton using digital integration of prepress production technology, based on the analysis of folding carton product benchmark graphic data, control data and equipment work, on the basis of the optimization method of graphic processing and typesetting printing everyday, make a description of the page content data, various kinds of process control and management of the data and processing data can flow to the transmission and transformation, realize the content description data, printing control data and processing data fusion.

The digital integration of pre-printing technology of folding paper box is mainly manifested in the following two aspects.

(1) the box type design data and the benchmark integration of prepress processing data in hangzhou in the design of folding carton printing, function structure and processing data and surface finishing processing data must be according to the performance of the prepress printing condition control benchmark for, to ensure that product design effect and the printing effect.

(2) the print data before and after printing, printing and its surface finishing process data integration, namely the data processing of box type design two-color printing presses, must be to deal with process after special processing, such as the pretreatment of the stamping parts. It is also necessary to use CIP3/CIP4 to directly generate printing ink quantity control data, die-cutting data and online quality control data directly from pre-printed data. Therefore, the control parameters of each quality control factor and process control point are set up to realize the stability of the equipment benchmark, the correct data transmission and easy to control.

The large - level printing of the printing technology and the digital control of the four-color printing press

Adopt by the large format printer (more than 740 mm * 1050 mm), large-format digital imaging equipment, CTP technology, wire processing technology, digital color management and digital production process system of the new technology of large-format three-dimensional printing, the printing technology is the application target of folding carton from beautification products to beautify the products and sales show an important symbol of unification.

At present, the global folding carton from the "quality, efficiency" to "quality, efficiency cost value-added" and requirements of high-end color of products with high quality, with the rapid development of market and product competition directly triggered with technology and value-added products competitiveness promotion combination of large-format printing technology and digital control. Its technical features are mainly manifested in the following aspects.

(1) digital integrated printing operation is adopted. It will force enterprises to raise the technical threshold label exhibition and realize the change from traditional experience to digital management.

(2) establish an innovative production model based on product guidance market. That is to achieve the integration of data from data to product, and break through the printing quality bottleneck of folding carton in the production of large and high yield.

(3) competition from single-factor competition to comprehensive ability competition. The folding paper box market is being subdivided and integrated, so that the printing personnel, enterprise resources and process technology must be innovated.

After printing, the wire production and automatic discharge

In the process of printing and printing of folded paper box, the technology development trend of improving product quality and production efficiency is to use wired production and automatic exhaust. Among them, the folding carton postpress attachment production mainly include the attachment surface finishing, such as hot stamping, polishing, local UV glazing flexible printing, the most representative has Roland 700 attachment cold seal device. The automatic discharge of automatic discharge based on the quality of product printing is mainly based on the automatic discharge and automatic discharge. Based on the quality automatic discharge, the quality deviation of the sample and the standard is compared with the density detection or chromaticity test, and the method of double charge is used to eliminate the waste, such as the wire detection device of Roland 700. Based on the position error of automatic waste refers to the die cutting, stamping, etc. In the folding carton postpress jiaxing printing, according to the position of sample and standard error, adopts double receiving method to eliminate waste, such as Bosch, automatic die-cutting machine exhaust device. Shanghai printing recruitment

Quality control and production management digitization

Folding carton printing quality control is based on digital printing production system on the basis of the inversion system of printing paper, that is, from printing inversion to design data, then adopt sealed type control system based on digital image acquisition and processing technology for real-time monitoring of print image quality, adjust and control, such as man Roland PECOM, Heidelberg CPC32. Wired digital printing quality inspection and control system using high resolution, high resolution of the camera lens image intaglio printing, on the basis of standard sample data, real-time comparison of test image and the difference of the standard sample can be accurately found the 0.10 mm size in the process of printing defects such as stains, ink and color difference carton printing machine, eliminate human error.

Folding carton printing digital production management is in the color management platform, through the digital production systems and enterprise ERP management system to establish the process of folding carton printing data flow, control flow and data management flow optimization, from the solution of folding carton printing time redundancy and redundancy and redundancy of the three-dimensional printing cost, the application of digital production processes and ERP for production management, material management, quality management, cost management, market development, financial and human resources management is optimized.