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Folding Box More Reliable

Nov 06, 2017

(1) Use the friction between the cardboard to prevent the lid from dispersing automatically.

(2) The use of cardboard on the card mouth, the flap, Folding Box not automatically dispersed.

(3) The use of inlay structure, the flap to lock each other, do not let it automatically dispersed.

(4) Use the rocker to mutually insert the lock, does not let it disperse automatically.

(5) Use the adhesive to glue the rocker to each other, so that it will not disperse automatically.

2. The main form of folding box cover.

(1) Insert cassette sealing. The cassette lid is based on the insert flap, in the main wing of the tongue crease line at both ends of the opening of a groove, when the lid is sealed, Folding Box the edge of the aileron will be stuck in the main flap of the groove, so that the main flap can not be automatically dispersed. The plug-in structure utilizes both the friction force and the flapping-wing two methods to fasten the lid, so it is more reliable than the Insert method which is only fixed by friction. The slot mouth of the cassette sealing is Youki, Quicon and groove mouth three kinds of forms. In addition, on the basis of the card, combined with the box body extended small inserting tongue back into the box cover and inserted tongue crease in the middle of the opening of the slot, Folding Box more firmly sealed the relationship between the lid will not automatically open at the same time, but also bear the larger lifting weight, play a double insurance role. This method is usually used in larger boxes, thicker paper, a certain load-bearing carton sealing place, such as precision, fragile items, small hardware electrical products, Folding Box digital products packaging.

(2) Insert type sealing. The insertion box lid is provided with a main rocker wing and around two aileron (dust-proof wing) at the end of the box, and the main flap is suitably extended out of the inserting tongue, and the inserting tongue is inserted into the box for sealing and fixing when capping. The insertion lid is the use of friction between the insert and the side of the carton to prevent the lid from opening automatically, keeping the carton in good sealing state. The Insert box lid opens conveniently, has the function of the sealing, Folding Box facilitates the consumer to buy when opens the lid to observe the commodity, may take many times to use the material, belongs to the Open type box cover repeatedly.

(3) Insert lock type seal. When the packaging box is made, there are several different forms of the plug-and-lock seal, one is on the basis of the insertion, use the box body to lengthen out of the shaking small insert tongue, inserts the cover board and the inserting tongue slot slots, Folding Box causes the carton to securely seal and does not automatically open the way also is called the double-insurance type seal, is the common seal structure, this form the box cover is fixed reliably. One is the combination of the insert and the lock-type box cover structure. The two pairs of the lid are locked together with locking tongue, while the main wing is simply inserted, which is used more in the packaging of the glass bottle external carton. There is also a box as a pallet structure, Folding Box the lid is a simple insert structure, the front end is designed to be a specific plug-in hook-and-lock structure, using hook-and-lock closure. In addition, Folding Box there are common small appliances, computer hardware, digital appliances and other high-precision, need to protect the high performance of the product used in a lock-type sealing method, Folding Box the box body is mostly pallet-type structure, the lid for the simple insertion of the structure, on both sides of the box cover to extend the insertion of the tongue, Folding Box inserted into the folded double wall plate of the box-body slot, Multi-layer surround and double inserting tongue are securely sealed, the protection performance is high, and the appearance is concise and beautiful.