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Folding Box Main Factors

Jun 02, 2017

Folding Box Folding cartons are easy to sell and display. In favor of the promotion and sale of goods, suitable for a variety of printing methods, its decoration design, Folding Box plate making, printing and surface finishing are the main factors affecting the appearance of carton.

The development of Flexo printing technology has opened up a wider market for its applications, with former designers having little creative space for the packaging of products printed on rough surfaces, and the progress of flexographic printing technology has changed this situation, Folding Box especially through the computer direct plate making system made of flexo, in the quality of the printing plate has been significantly improved, because of the use of this new printing plate, can print more accurate dot, smoother gradient, more now, Folding Box the flexographic Majesty printing can print more brilliant colors, Print quality can be comparable with offset printing. Accurate dot, more smooth gradient, more vivid

What does this mean for the folding tray designer? Greater complexity and greater color, the quality of its machined folding carton

Creation space. More color options, better overall and detailed effects can be achieved, these can be compared with offsctdruckereien to make better appearance image performance possible

Folding Carton is made of paper-folding cardboard or fine-tile paperboard with thickness between 0.3-1 1mm in the filling before loading can be used with flat-panel folding heap code for transport or storage of small packaging containers, elected with origami board, Folding Box less than 0.3mm paperboard manufacturing folding carton is difficult to meet the stiffness requirements, and more than 1.1mm paperboard in the general folding carton processing equipment is difficult to obtain satisfactory indentation.

A. Folding Carton advantages

1. Low cost, better strength, Folding Box good display effect, suitable for large, middle finger production;

2. Compared with the pasting carton and the plastic box, the occupied space is small, transportation, warehousing and other circulation costs are low;

3. In the mechanical production efficiency is high, can realize the automatic box, filling, folding, sealing, assembly, stacking, etc.

4. The structure changes many, can carry on the box inner wall, Folding Box the roll cover extends, the curve indentation, opens the window, the Pop advertisement board, the exhibition table and so on many kinds of novel processing.

Two. Disadvantages of folding carton

1. The strength is compared to pastes the paper box and the plastic to hold many kinds of rigid window low, can only pack the 1-2 light inside goods, Folding Box the box type size generally in 200-30 within.

2. The appearance of quality is not noble, not suitable for the packaging of precious gifts.