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Folding Box Low Processing Cost

Oct 24, 2017

Folding box is a kind of very extensive use of green packaging containers, not only widely used in medicine, food, cigarettes and handicrafts packaging, but also used for soft drinks, cleaning supplies, culture and education supplies, metal products.

Packaging, folding box processing of low cost, can be used for storage and transportation of various printing method for automatic folding carton packaging, easy to sell and display, has the good recycling, is conducive to environmental protection, etc.

With the further enhancement of people's environmental awareness. Folding carton is widely used in juice, milk, cooked food, snacks, medicine and packaging and other cosmetics. Stacking and stacking stacks can significantly reduce the cost of storage and transportation. Rapid progress has been made in recent years. Folding carton processing cost is low, easy to store and transport, suitable for all kinds of printing method, easy to sell and display, automatic packaging, recycling is good, is conducive to environmental protection and other characteristics, as people's living standards continue to improve, the demand of the box will continue to grow, but also produce the cartons quality also put forward higher requirements.

Folding box processing technology and its development

At present, the folding carton printing new technology, new equipment, new technology constantly emerging, double color printing machine technology innovation constantly, from analog to digital automation of mechanical operation, from the development of the independent processing to join processing, are of high quality, many color direction. Its technical features are digital simulation design of product application, digital color management and printing process platform application, integrated product production and ERP and dam production management. The main technologies and their development are as follows:

Box design and 3d digital simulation

In the printing frame, CIP3 / CIP4 digital technology folding box printing production, the box body design and 3d digital simulation technology are applied to the production system. In cabinet design and 3 d digital simulation, the application of professional software designers, according to the user's final demand and printing production process, the function structure of folding carton production and its molding and surface finishing design two links. Silk screen printing mesh, function structure and the modelling design is to realize the demand of folding tray protection packaging products, and determine the die-cutting pasting box method (given a variety of processes to meet the requirements of control lines, such as die-cutting, tear line, line, etc.). The design of surface finishing method will be based on the box-type digital control line to design the landscape and display products, as well as the photoengraving, graphics and modeling of various decoration processes. When two link is completed, according to the two types of data, using three-dimensional numerical simulation technology to simulate the folding carton and the practical effects of the folding method can also use digital proofing technology in the practical use of material to produce samples

Digital integration of pre-pressure production techniques

The prepressure production technology of folding box can be summarized as: the content of digital expression, the expression of color, the function structure of individuation. Need digital integrated folding carton before printing production technology, graphic data and the analysis of the folding carton products form the basis for control data and equipment work on the basis of graphics and layout optimization method to print every day, such a description of the page content data, all kinds of process control and management of data and form can be smoothly through data processing and transformation, realize the content description data, printing control data, data integration process.

Post-pressure processing connection and automatic drain

In the folding carton after printing, the use of wire production and automatic waste is the technological development trend to improve product quality and production efficiency. Folding carton processing connection of main connection line production after surface treatment, such as hot stamping, polishing, local UV polishing and other flexible printing, the most representative Roland 700 cold stamping equipment configuration of automatic waste is largely based on the quality of the products printing waste and waste based on two kinds of automatic positioning error.