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Flower Box The Beauty Of The Flower

Jun 02, 2017

Flower Box The flower box itself is flat, can display all round the beautiful flower material, the flower box packing The flower looks also fuller some.

When the lid is closed. Mysterious, we will continue to guess the appearance in the box. In the opening of the flower box, the beauty of that kind of feeling, Flower Box more than a few surprises. At the same time, many flower box itself has a strong sense of beauty, and most men do not want to embrace the bouquet of flowers to the streets, holding the box to ensure their privacy, send flowers more low-key.

1. Assemble the flower box.

2, will spend the muddy water soaks, Flower Box the flower mud naturally absorbs the water and sinks below represents the flower mud to absorb fills the water. A piece of cellophane to fill the water with a watery mud.

3, put cellophane wrapped in the flower box, along the bottom edge of the flower box to cut the excess cellophane.

4. The hand part of the flower box is fixed with double-sided adhesive.

5. Take a flower-shaped sunflower and insert it into the left side of the flower box.

6. Insert the second flower in the top right of the first sunflower. The second sunflower can be slightly smaller than the first one.

7, take the size of two sunflowers respectively inserted in the left and right side of the flower box, the position can be a tall, sunflower orientation to have a certain amount of radioactivity, Flower Box so that the sunflower as the main flower has a more lively and consistent rhythm.

8, the preparation of Warbler, for the long warbler can be cut into two sections, the following is not waste, can be used in the back of the inconspicuous position.

9, in the vicinity of the sunflower space dotted some warbler, still should pay attention to each branch of the beginning of Warbler, eventually showing a certain amount of radioactivity.

10, prepare champagne rose, Flower Box remove the rose outermost petals.

11. Add Champagne roses to the outer space of the Warbler, and the positive space will be filled up by about 80% after the Rose is finished.

12, prepare the champagne color of the Yang Platycodon, remove the flower head of the lower leaves, convenient in the relatively narrow space arrangement.

13. Further fill the positive space of the flower box with the Platycodon grandiflorum. The same kind of flower material to do the patchwork, Flower Box add the flower material at the same time can also use Warbler to increase the level of sense, now the front of the flower box is finished!

14, with Warbler, Rose, and the flower box to fill the left and right two side space. Then use Warbler and Platycodon grandiflorum to simply fill the back of the flower box.