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Flower Box Pursue Simplicity

Jul 11, 2017

Flower Box When you give a gift to the people, will choose what kind of flowers, what kind of gestures?

Choose bouquets, or one hand ring in the arm, or both hands offer, Flower Box cordial and casual, and if you choose the flower box, Flower Box then you may need to hold the bottom of the box, single-handed open the lid, Flower Box so even more careful. Flowers box, although because the box is equipped with a certain amount of water and can only be placed in the living and office environment, Flower Box can be full of vitality and full of vitality to make you feel more life is full of infinite power!

Flower box is really wonderful floral works, will be fine and beautiful moment to circle in this small box, give us a surprise!

Human flowers do not need complicated and expensive flowers, often three or two meaning far-reaching flowers should be seasonal, Flower Box you can reflect the simple and pure beauty. Humanity flower arrangement emphasizes the natural beauty of flowers, the pursuit of simple, natural, Flower Box ethereal beauty and charm, with smooth lines, Flower Box harmonious colors, simple and elegant style and clean and tidy techniques, showing the spiritual characteristics of human flowers, People seeking truth, seeking good, seeking the spirit of the United States.

Flower arrangement as a kind of art, a way of life, of course, there is no national boundaries, but under the influence of different cultures, Flower Box the flower arrangement will always give different feelings. What kind of flower arrangement do you prefer?

There are several pieces of material that need to be made: a box, flower mud, Flower Box scissors, and then all kinds of flowers. You have to prepare a nice look at the box, Flower Box and then go to the flower market to buy some flowers mud, after the water on the box, Flower Box and then you can choose your own flowers spent in the mud. Baidu or Taobao search "flower flower shop", their flower box varieties and more

Material: flower box, flower mud, rose flower, flower (Mary Rose, red roses rose, white ocean, white hydrangea, long daisy, Kingfisher, bloom, green hair ball).

1, ready to square flower box and two soaked water of the mud.

2, the bubble into the flower box into the flower box (flower box if there is no waterproof plastic inner cover, need to pad the cellophane waterproof). Prepare three thick roses with a ribbon wrapped around.

3, cut a similar round of small pieces of mud, Flower Box the prepared one of the rose rod inserted into the small pieces of mud fixed, erected in the flower box in the middle of the large flower mud. Flower Box Plug the top of the small flower with a knife to build the appropriate size of the ball.

4, began to flower, first in the small flower mud before the ball, the left and right four sides and the top of a flower inserted, set the top of the shape of the ball.

5, with the meter-shaped interpolation method to fill the top of the flower ball, Flower Box so that the main flower with flowers with each other to form a full ball type.

6, then insert the flowers to the base, Flower Box pay attention to primary and secondary levels, so that with the coordination of flowers, Smart.

7, continue to fill with flowers, Flower Box so that the entire work coordination, fullness.

8, in the right place tied lace bow.

9, the final deal with the details, Flower Box too long or redundant pruning cut off, so that the whole work presents a coordinated natural posture. A super-beautiful Korean flower box bouquet flower arrangement to complete it!

Today's "flower tree" flower arrangement, Flower Box in a variety of weddings, banquets, fashion salons, shopping malls and other occasions can be used