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Color Box Packaging

Jan 11, 2017

Nearly 10 years ago, universal box amount each year at the rateof 3%-6% ... Judging from the General presentation of the entireinternational gift box industry promotion, promotion rate is gradually slowing in developed country markets, and market promotionrate in China is in rapid rise in gift box market in China can be described as "leading romantic" and a promotion rates in the world's fastest-growing market, enhance rates of 15%~20% this rapid increase is encouraging.
Of course, opportunities and challenges coexist often, raw materials prices; lack of branding, global competition, all these call boxprint "innovative" measures.
In various forms of packing, the fastest color box packaging, it iswidely applied to the tobacco, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and other areas relevant to the information and people's lives, anddemand is still growing. In the United States, 80% packing printing factory plans to go to the packing box production; in China, even more rapid growth at an annual rate of 18%. Color box packinghigher profits and huge color cartridge printing consumption potential of the country and the world's global color box packaging manufacturers had great appeal, have entered the Chinese market in the first time, to seize the initiative.