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Cardboard Box The Structural Type Of

Oct 16, 2017

Carton is the most widely used packaging products, according to different materials, there are corrugated box, single-layer carton, and various specifications and models.

Cartons are commonly used three layer, five layer, use less, in each layer is divided into paper, corrugated paper, core paper, glossy paper, and paper have tea plate paper, kraft paper, core paper with corrugated paper, all kinds of paper color and feel is different, different manufacturer production of paper (color, handle) is different also.

Definitions and tips

A parcel or article commonly used as a commodity to protect the outer use of the product. Carton size change, due to the size of the goods the cartons there are usually "handle with care", "keep dry", "up" and "stacking limit", "fear of the sun", "moistureproof" "quality safety" "no roll" "on" "pay attention to the fire" "breakable" "green environment" "can't stand the heat" "food" "anti odor," and so on a variety of patterns or text prompt, alert the user, in order to protect the built-in items from harm.

Packaging carton as an indispensable part of modern logistics, bear the important responsibility of RongZhuang, protection products, beautiful, and the physical properties of the packaging carton index became the basis of its quality evaluation. Stable work environment conditions to ensure the veracity and reliability of the test data, and has many years engaged in carton testing professional senior engineer, test analysis for packaging, users and suppliers of packaging packaging to provide fair and scientific test data. TTS (one check) also provides supplier material screening, bidding evaluation and other works for well-known enterprises.

Cardboard box technology

The special-shaped corrugated box is the most varied packaging variety in corrugated carton packaging. Directly on the goods in the supermarket shelves, want to have good product display function, and how fast, easy to open the cartons, do the goods quickly take put, and does not require any tools such as scissors or a knife, she shout a loud "open sesame" carton is opened. It sounds fresh, but the cartons are already widely used in supermarkets abroad and there is a great demand in the country.

The structure of the sesame open box

Sesame open box is a new design concept of corrugated box packaging, namely easy to open corrugated box. Carton of exterior structure with the ordinary corrugated carton, there is no obvious difference between its key technology is inside the corrugated carton paste has a torn rubber belt, and on the outside of the carton with a small mouth, opened the carton as long as the small mouth along the tear tape can open the cartons without any tools, packaging items.

Introduction to processing technology

The necessity of tearing

Easy to open the corrugated carton production process compared with common carton production process, adding in a tear of the surface of the corrugated paper box pasting high-performance, self-adhesive tape, as well as the tear tape design a corresponding tear, so facilitate users don't need to use external forces can open the carton, and tore his mouth is beautiful, do not affect commodity exhibition effect.

Tear tape

The tear adhesive tape used for easy opening of the carton is made of a modified tension polypropylene with natural rubber adhesive. Natural rubber adhesive provides excellent initial adhesion, excellent anti-tear resistance and strong adhesion to different materials. The tearing tape used in corrugated box production is usually scrolls. Depending on the width of the torn adhesive tape, the width ranges from 3mm to 20mm, and the length of a roll of tape is about 40,000 meters. Long scroll packaging can reduce the number of new scrolls, which can improve production efficiency.