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Cardboard Box The Most Extensive

Jul 24, 2017

Carton packaging refers to the product in the circulation process, Cardboard Box in order to protect the product, easy storage and transportation, to promote sales, the use of paper box on the product packaging. Carton packaging is the most widely used a packaging. Packaging, Cardboard Box packaging, packaging, plastic box packaging, carton packaging with easy to draw, light weight, easy to print, easy to design, low cost and other characteristics, Cardboard Box widely used in the sale of goods packaging and transport packaging.

(1) The trade mark is a specific mark of the goods or the code of the export company or foreign firm. More use of triangular, diamond, quadrilateral and round and other concise graphics, Cardboard Box together with the use of simple characters.

(2) product name and trademark with the logo and text that require significant eye-catching, generally in Chinese and foreign control.

(3) The destination mark is used to indicate the name of the place where the goods are destined for the destination. In order to accurately transport the goods to the destination, Cardboard Box Cardboard Box the place name must be written in full text. Generally in the upper right corner of the carton sign place.

(4) the number and number of signs used to indicate the goods credit, the number of goods within the box. Measurement method useful box, only, support, double, sets, playing and so on. (5) The volume and weight mark indicate the actual dimensions of each carton (length × width × height) and weight (net weight and gross weight) in order to carry the Departments refer to these data, choose the mode of transport and cargo stacking method. ·

(6) The manufacturer and the country name mark indicate the name of the commodity, the export goods can be used "made by the People's Republic of China" or "Made in China". Cardboard Box Some commodities may indicate that the products manufacture provinces and cities, such as "China, Guangzhou" Marked in Chinese and foreign language.

Often used as a wrapper or article for the protection of outer products. The size of the carton is changed by the size of the product. The carton is usually "cautious", "Cardboard Box afraid of wet", "up", "stacking limit", "fear", "moisture" "Can not trample" "pay attention to fire" "fragile items" "green environment" "hot" "food" "anti-odor" and other tips to protect the contents of the goods from harm.

According to different paper, there are corrugated boxes, single-layer cardboard boxes and so on. Carton commonly used three, five, seven use less, the layers are divided into paper, Cardboard Box corrugated paper, core paper, tissue paper, tissue paper tea board, kraft paper, paper with corrugated paper, Feel different, different manufacturers of paper (color, feel) is not the same. Different corrugated corrugated corrugated cardboard function is also different. Even if the use of the same quality of tissue and paper, Cardboard Box due to the difference between the corrugated shape, the composition of the performance of corrugated cardboard also have some differences. Cardboard Box Their technical indicators and requirements see Table 1. A-type corrugated corrugated cardboard has a good cushion, a certain degree of flexibility, C-type flute than A-type Leng times. But the stiffness and impact resistance is better than A-type Leng; B-type Leng arranged density, made of corrugated board surface smooth, high pressure, Cardboard Box suitable for printing; E-type flute due to thin and dense, but also showed its just strength.

Separate cartons in the circulation process can be divided into two or more, mainly to solve the contradiction between mass production and small batch sales.

Separate cartons can be used in the traditional standard box type of various accessories on the small box to be combined, you can also use a new molding method.

The new type of separation of the cardboard box is generally used H-type partition and the combination of wrapping carton.

There are two types of N-type and F-type wrapping cartons. F-type which is more popular, mainly for plastic bottled shampoo and conditioner, Cardboard Box as well as glass bottled spices packaging.

F-type carton can be the original 20 bottles will be broken down into two 10 bottles, the packaging of the compressive strength is also improved, Cardboard Box the cost of packaging materials have been reduced, and has a good promotional function.