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Cardboard Box The Most Extensive

Jun 30, 2017

Carton is the most widely used packaging products, according to different materials, corrugated boxes, single-layer cardboard boxes, cartons commonly used three, Cardboard Box five, seven use less, according to the number of cartons to determine the size of the connector, three boxes Of the joints are generally 3cm, five boxes of the joints are generally 4cm.

The layers are divided into paper, corrugated paper, core paper, tissue paper, in the paper with tea board paper, kraft paper, paper with corrugated paper, Cardboard Box three boxes, also known as single corrugated box, is a layer of corrugated paper Base paper made of three layers of cardboard made of cartons. Five corrugated boxes, also known as double corrugated boxes, referred to as three yellow two watt. Cardboard Box The five-layer corrugated cardboard is made of paper, paper, core paper and two corrugated paper.

Paperboard material classification: cardboard material is divided by the weight per unit area, mainly the following kinds of cardboard materials: K paper: 250g / m & sup2; Cardboard Box A paper: 175g / m & sup2; B paper: 125g / m & sup2; 7 paper: 200g / m & sup2 ; 8 paper: 260g / m ² C paper: 127g / m & sup2; core paper: basic 100g / m & sup2; large machine 105-110g / m & sup2; reinforced core paper: + paper 115g / m and carton commonly used three, Seven layers of the use of less, the layers are divided into paper, corrugated paper, Cardboard Box core paper, tissue paper, Cardboard Box in the tissue paper tea board, kraft paper, paper with corrugated paper, all kinds of paper color and feel are not the same, different manufacturers Production of paper (color, feel) is not the same, corrugated box national standard is GB6543-86 "corrugated box".

Corrugated cardboard corrugated models, according to Leng high score for the A, B, C, E four categories, different mechanical properties of corrugated cardboard is also different. Plane pressure: A type of corrugated cardboard plane pressure is highest, compressive strength is large, B type is the opposite, Cardboard Box C type of plane pressure, vertical pressure, parallel pressure and cushioning force are better;

Thickness: the thickness of corrugated board, A type of the largest, Cardboard Box C type second, B type again, E type minimum, due to the small thickness of the cardboard processing bending easier, therefore, B-type corrugated paper is widely used in the box pressure Strength requirements of the packaging box is not high.

1, cardboard structure refers to the proportion of cardboard combination, generally according to customer requirements to do with, from the five layers of K Ⅲ K, Cardboard Box K Ⅲ A to the three layers of C Ⅱ can. 2, pits (waves) refers to the cross section of the cardboard hole. There are A wave, B waves, C waves, D waves, E waves. The mainland generally use B waves, C waves, Cardboard Box E waves. 3, wave height: A wave = 5mm B wave = 3mm C wave = 4mm D wave = 2mm E waves = 1.5mm, five layers of paper composed of two waves by the BC pit, Cardboard Box single layer of paper is generally used in the pit.

Carton form carton is generally divided into A type, B type, C type, packaging cartons and beer boxes, knife card, partitions. 1, A type: common A1: general standard type; A3: Type: A5: double cover completely interch. 2, partition refers to the carton in the upper, middle, lower, Cardboard Box left and right objects separated from the protection of the cardboard. Knife card is the same layer of objects to honeycomb nested packaging 3, C-type is the general packaging of the carton, it has heaven and earth cover. Cardboard Box 4, packaging cartons: similar to the A5 cardboard box, but the general direct paste tape packaging, do not use the staple way , Cardboard Box Can be divided into open or side open. Carton material introduction, if it is good