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Cardboard Box Realistic Effect

Aug 09, 2017

Waste packaging, cardboard usually has a special texture and traces, Cardboard Box which happens to be EVOL to make his works more realistic effect. And even on the cardboard to leave the font, tear marks or labels, EVOL will not care to let these imperfect and complete to reveal, Cardboard Box so realistic details and a strong sense of three-dimensional sense of pure way to lead people to think about the future of the city.

There is such a jewelry store MIMI, through the conversion of the cardboard box, Cardboard Box turn them into a window props, tables and chairs bench, creative lamps, so that the boring cardboard box becomes creative

This is a waste paper box to take the temporary shelves, Cardboard Box looks very simple, in fact, the structure is also quite pay attention to: the bottom of a layer of lattice up, more and more lattice less and less. This structure is relatively stable ah! However, this carton to do bookshelves, Cardboard Box or not suitable for heavy books, put some of the recent reading of the light of the book, the best!

Bed, is the ancient and modern adults and children of the common "hobby". Cardboard Box In the "Tang Dun Manor" such British drama, the aristocratic ladies with such a small table to eat breakfast ...

We certainly will not encourage children to eat in bed, but to the children to prepare a "small bed table", so she was comfortable in bed to see the book, this thing is actually very good. Cardboard Box Specifically to buy on the no need to find a solid cardboard, cut, a "small bed table" became!

There is a mother too a layer of cardboard to do the desktop is too thin, Cardboard Box put the four cardboard stick together, and then to the table with four small round legs, little baby with the proper ...

We said that every family should have a writing board, you can let the children write painting, but also facilitate the exchange of ideas. This kind of writing board, Cardboard Box of course, can go to buy professional, but the simplest writing board, in fact, you can use the waste cardboard made of a penny do not spend.

The greater the size of the bottom of the carton, the bigger the child can sit directly, play up more high; Mom and Dad in this carton painted the city's road, Cardboard Box and then let the children in which to build a house, "management" traffic. ..

Children like to play this kind of role-playing game, toys store such toys are particularly expensive, it is better to use waste paper boxes and they together to create some props, have fun, but also exercise imagination and practical ability.

In the big carton dig a "screen", and then install a few "button" is a TV friends. Of course, Cardboard Box this TV is not used to see, but used to "play", Cardboard Box it seems that the TV program is not difficult to Oh! You do not say that this play can really exercise children's ability to express!

Some children are very fascinated by the manipulation of the elevator, Cardboard Box then make a elevator bar; However, why the elevator on the watch, orange has not yet figured out ...

There are many use of cartons. This holiday, and children with the opening hole, move hands, Cardboard Box the home of the good cartons used to waste, practical, environmentally friendly, fun, puzzle, really do not have white ah!