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Cardboard Box Measure The Benchmark

Jun 16, 2017

The size of the carton is the size of the cut box. The dimensions of the manufacture are based on the pressure on the unfolded billet. Cardboard Box The indentation roller on the slitting machine presses out a groove at the press line position, which is the centerline of the groove. The distance between the two lines is the size of the manufacturing. The dimensions are converted to inner and outer diameter sizes can be made through Table 2, but they also have their own measurement methods.

Single fight that is a page molding box, generally used for the smaller length of the carton; Shuangpin also known as the two boxes, and some cartons perimeter is too big, had to use two boxes of blanks put together a carton, but sometimes carton factory in order to use the production The process of cutting down the remaining material, but also with two pieces put together a size is not too large cartons, Cardboard Box and sometimes even with four. Two-page box compared with a box, more than a connector, so the size of the two calculations have some minor differences.

The size of the carton joint is determined according to the number of corrugated layers and the level of the production process. The single corrugated board is 35 ~ 40mm, the double corrugated cardboard is 45 ~ 50mm, the three corrugated board is 50mm.

Shaped corrugated box is the most form of packaging in today's corrugated box packaging varieties; supermarket goods placed on the shelf, to have a good product display function, and how to quickly and easily open the carton packaging, so that the rapid delivery of goods , And do not need any tools such as scissors or knives, etc., Cardboard Box to shout "sesame open the door" carton will open. It sounds very fresh, but this carton has been widely used in foreign supermarkets, and the domestic also has a great demand.

Sesame open door carton is a new design concept of corrugated box packaging, which is easy to open corrugated boxes. Carton's exterior structure and ordinary corrugated box is no significant difference, the key process is in the corrugated box inside the paste a tear tape station, and in the carton leaving a small mouth, open the carton as long as the mouth along the tear Cracked tape can be without any tools to open the carton, show the packaging items.

The tear adhesive tape for easy opening of the carton consists of a modified rubber backing with a natural rubber adhesive. Natural rubber adhesives provide excellent initial tackiness, excellent tear resistance, and strong adhesion on different materials. Used in corrugated box production in the tear tape is generally reel winding structure. According to the different width of the tear tape, Cardboard Box the general width of the range from 3mm ~ 20mm between a roll of tape length of about 40,000 meters or so. Long reel packaging can reduce the number of replacement of the new scroll, so that can improve production efficiency.

Carton enterprises in ensuring the quality of carton products under the premise of local conditions can be set up quality inspection agencies and equipped with quality inspection personnel. Process inspection generally have the following forms, the first piece of inspection, the first piece of inspection is a carton product manufacturing process of a preventive test, applicable to a large number of types. The first piece of inspection shall be inspected by the operator and approved by a full-time inspector.