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Cardboard Box Manufacturing Process

Oct 26, 2017

Cardboard box is made of tissue paper, paper, Cardboard Box core paper and processed into corrugated corrugated corrugated paper by bonding. According to the needs of commodity packaging, cardboard boxes can be processed into single-sided cardboard boxes, three-layer cardboard boxes, five, seven, eleven layers of cardboard boxes. In the case of Different corrugated, bonded cardboard boxes are also different. Even with the same quality of tissue paper and paper, due to the difference between the corrugated shape, Cardboard Box the composition of the performance of the cardboard box also have some differences. At present, the international common corrugated corrugations are divided into four, they are A-type Leng, C-type Leng, B-type Leng and E-type Leng. Their technical indicators and requirements are shown in Table 1. A-type corrugated cardboard box has a good cushion, a certain degree of flexibility, C-type flute than A-type Leng times. But the stiffness and impact resistance is better than the A-type Leng; B-type Leng arranged density, made of cardboard box surface smooth, high pressure, suitable for printing; E-type flute due to thin and dense, but also showed its just strength. In the case of The difference between a container and a non-container is mainly the outer diameter and is closely related to the corrugated type.

Cardboard box manufacturing size of the amount of carton manufacturing size for the box when the cutting size. The dimensions of the manufacture are based on the pressure on the unfolded billet. The indentation roller on the slitting machine presses out a groove at the press line position, which is the centerline of the groove. The distance between the two lines is the size of the manufacturing. The size of the manufacturing can be converted into inner and outer diameter sizes can be achieved through Table 2, but they also have their own measurement methods. In the case of

Corrugated box in the manufacturing process has a single fight and double fight of the single fight that one page molding box, generally used for smaller cartons; Shuangpin also known as the two boxes, and some cartons perimeter too much, had to use two Piece of paper blanket put together a carton, Cardboard Box but sometimes the carton factory in order to take advantage of the production process cut down the remaining material, will be used to put together two pieces of a size is not too large cartons, and sometimes even with four. Two-page box compared with a box, more than a connector, so the size of the two calculations have some minor differences. Cardboard Box The dimensions of the joint and the fillet carton joint are determined according to the number of corrugated layers and the level of the production process. The single cardboard box is 35 ~ 40mm, the double cardboard box is 45 ~ 50mm, and the three cardboard boxes are 50mm. Calculate the expansion area of the carton must take into account the loss of the wire during the manufacturing process, the size of the wire to determine the number of layers according to the cardboard, generally 20 ~ 40mm. In order to facilitate the actual work of the calculation, unified to take "8" plus "4" rule, Cardboard Box that is, the horizontal direction of the joint and the return of the sum of 8cm, longitudinal direction of the total wire set to 4cm. 1, flat mouth box area calculation formula Through the above description, flat mouth box area calculation can be expressed by the following two formulas:

(Width + width +8) × 2] × (width + high +4) S = [(length + width + 2) Note: here long, wide, high, 8, 4 units are cm. On the full cover under the mouth of the carton to expand the area under the cover of the whole type of cardboard box is generally small box, and some are made of cardboard box, part of the coating is only a single layer of white cardboard production, such as drugs, Food, cosmetics, Cardboard Box outer packaging. In the case of Cutting length and tile height In the corrugated box manufacturing process, it is important to distinguish the concept of length and tile height. Once mistaken, carton strength will be a thousand miles, which will lead to the production of all the cartons of scrapped, resulting in huge losses. Cardboard Box Cut length refers to the length of the direction perpendicular to the corrugation; tile height is the length of the corrugated direction. In the case of Fittings and back wires are here according to the number of cartons to determine the size of the connector, three-layer box joints are generally 3cm, five-layer box connector is generally 4cm. Cardboard Box The size of the wire is calculated by 2cm. In the case of