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Cardboard Box It's Getting Better

Nov 06, 2017

With the development of leaps, today, China's foreign trade is much higher than before the early, the opportunity and challenges of various companies have to be able to face, Cardboard Box home appliances packaging to the world in line with a need to carry out, in general, the high technological content of household appliances, then the demand for goods outside the paper box strict that is certain, Not only the cardboard box packaging factory production of cardboard box quality is better, at the same time, cardboard boxes also need to look very sophisticated to do, that is to say, cardboard box factory to carry out more and more good, the bigger, Cardboard Box then must be strict cardboard box packaging finished product quality and printing technology, strict in accordance with the needs of customers to produce cardboard box packaging products.

As a product packaging function cardboard box, customer needs not only to look exquisite, more importantly, the structure of stability, can play to maintain the effect of goods. So how do we judge the quality of cardboard boxes to meet the needs? The quality of cardboard box to detect methods, Cardboard Box can involve a lot of professional knowledge, ordinary people want to grasp must not be so brief homework.

Cardboard box Factory carton quality from the weight of each layer of paper, five-layer cardboard box of the BC Leng, outside the paper called Surface paper, compared to the short Leng called B Leng, the center is called the paper, high Leng called C Leng, inside the paper called Inside paper, Cardboard Box paper and paper in cardboard box factory industry are called Box Board paper, BC, the paper, called Corrugated. So decent on the 90g, 100g, $number, $number, 140g, 160g, cardboard box-paper 120g, 140g, 170g, 200g, 230g and so on, of course, high.

The method of determining the compressive strength of cardboard box, Cardboard Box because of the influence of various factors in the production process, the final strength of cardboard box produced by material is not necessarily consistent with the budget result, so it is accurate to conclude that the method of compressive strength of corrugated cardboard box is to use cardboard box to test machine with constant temperature and humidity With regard to small and medium sized plants with no test equipment, Cardboard Box the cardboard box can be covered with a wooden board, and then an equal amount of weight is piled on the board to determine whether the compressive strength of the cardboard box satisfies the demand.

We know that when printing, Cardboard Box corrugated board is through the printer of the Guide rollers, printing rollers to the slotting part of the molding, paperboard in the transfer process by the roller pressure, the physical shape of the changes in the degree of change, will affect the strength of cardboard boxes.Cardboard Box Full printing is particularly prominent, the same material cardboard box and no printing comparison, its strength to be reduced by about 30%, so the production process should pay attention to the line.