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Cardboard Box Easy Storage And Transportation

Aug 22, 2017

Carton packaging refers to the product in the circulation process, in order to protect the product, easy storage and transportation, to promote sales, the use of paper box on the product packaging. Carton packaging is the most widely used a packaging. Packaging, packaging, packaging, plastic box packaging, carton packaging with easy to draw, light weight, easy to print, easy to design, low cost and other characteristics, widely used in the sale of goods packaging and transport packaging.

International standard carton has formed a complete system and regulations, production enterprises only need to follow the standard selection, processing can be. The emergence of a variety of new non-standard cartons, the breeding of corrugated box industry in a change. New non-standard cartons mainly include wrapping cartons, separate cartons, triangular column cartons and large cartons.

Wrapping carton

Wrapping corrugated box and 0210-type box is somewhat similar, the difference is: 0210 box Leng to parallel to the billet cardboard width, and the wrapping carton strolling parallel to the board length; 0210 box connector connected to the main box, and the package Roll box is connected to the side of the box; 0210 inside and outside the lid to cover the indentation line in a straight line, and the package is different.

In the use of it, it is not like the 0210 type carton, in the carton factory to complete the whole process of the box to the user after the plant and then fill the contents of the box, but only die-cut carton blank to the packaging users, By the user using the automatic packaging machine put the contents and then wrapped into a box.

Compared with the standard box, wrapping carton is characterized by less material, cartons and contents closely linked, can achieve high-speed automation.

Separate cartons

Separate cartons in the circulation process can be divided into two or more, mainly to solve the contradiction between mass production and small batch sales.

Separate cartons can be used in the traditional standard box type of various accessories on the small box to be combined, you can also use a new molding method.

The new type of separation of the cardboard box is generally used H-type partition and the combination of wrapping carton.

There are two types of N-type and F-type wrapping cartons. F-type which is more popular, mainly for plastic bottled shampoo and conditioner, as well as glass bottled spices packaging.

F-type carton can be the original 20 bottles will be broken down into two 10 bottles, the packaging of the compressive strength is also improved, the cost of packaging materials have been reduced, and has a good promotional function.

Triangular column carton

Triangular column corrugated box is the box and the corner of a page molding, corrugated box four corners to form a triangular column or right angle column structure, so that the compressive strength increased by 20% -50%.

Triangular column carton with two types of trays and sealed, and a variety of box to choose from. Compared with the general corrugated box, the triangular column corrugated box in the standard state, the compressive strength can be increased by 20% -30%, high humidity increased by 40% -60%; box does not occur drum phenomenon, in the wet state Is particularly evident; from the structural point of view, the corner is relatively strong, so the impact of shock and vibration, the material damage rate is very low; load, the carton deformation and stability, easy to cause collapse collapse; tray triangular corrugated box sales Good display