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Cardboard Box Definition And Tips

Nov 02, 2017

Cardboard box: is the most widely used packaging products, according to different materials, corrugated boxes, single-layer cardboard boxes, etc., a variety of models and models.

Carton commonly used three, five, seven use less, the layers are divided into paper, corrugated paper, core paper, tissue paper, in the paper with tea board paper, kraft paper, paper with corrugated paper, all kinds of paper Color and feel are not the same, different manufacturers of paper (color, feel) is not the same.

Definition and tips

Often used as a wrapper or article for the protection of outer products. The size of the carton is changed by the size of the product. The carton is usually "cautious", "scary", "up", "stacking limit", "fear", "moisture" "Can not trample" "pay attention to fire" "fragile items" "green environment" "hot" "food" "anti-odor" and other patterns or text prompts to remind the user to protect the contents of the goods from harm.

Packaging carton as an indispensable part of modern logistics, bear the capacity to protect the product, aesthetics of the important responsibility of packaging cartons of physical performance indicators have become the basis for its quality assessment. Stable working environment conditions to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the test data, and has many years engaged in carton testing professional senior engineer, the box for testing and analysis for the box suppliers and box users to provide fair and scientific test data The TTS (a pass detection) is also a number of well-known enterprises to provide supplier material screening, tender assessment and other projects.

Cardboard box production process

1 design determines the final effect of the product

Carton products in terms of design is particularly important, otherwise it is difficult to meet customer requirements, may be returned to the enterprise caused significant losses.

I think the market department received orders, the customer should be all the information passed to the process design department. Including the layout of the decorative requirements, size specifications, box structure, interior and the contents of the stacking layer and other related content. Designed by the design department, before delivery to the manufacturing sector to complete the realization of the product.

1) Calculate the maximum stack load Ps that the lowest carton can bear

That is, Ps = (Nmax-1) · G, where Nmax is the maximum stacking layer, G is the contents and the weight of the box.

2) Select the appropriate safety factor K

According to SN / T0262-93 export transport packaging corrugated box inspection procedures requirements, in the storage period of less than 30 days, K = 1.6; storage period of 30 to 100 days, K = 1.65; storage period is greater than 100 days, K = 2.

Of course, for safety reasons, the safety factor is usually taken more than 3. However, the safety factor is too large, the various indicators of raw materials is relatively high, the price of paper will be significantly increased, resulting in increased costs, adverse development of the market. And then if the safety factor selection is too large, there will be excess quality, the coefficient is too small, but also caused the collapse of quality problems. Therefore, according to the actual requirements of customers, select the appropriate safety factor.

3) Calculate the maximum compressive strength value P to be achieved based on the safety factor

Ie P = K · Ps

4) According to the Kelicutt formula, select the appropriate combination of paper

Ie Px · F = P (calculated)

So Px = P / F, where F is the constant associated with the length of the carton and the corrugated type, and is obtained by looking up the table. Px is the integrated ring compressive strength value of corrugated cardboard, Px = (R1 + R2 + Rm1C) /15.2

If you know R1, R2, Rm1C any one or two materials, ring pressure index and weight, you can find the third material of the ring index and weight, to achieve the purpose of a reasonable match with the paper.

2 to do the process control is the guarantee of product realization

Technology products designed by the technical department can be well implemented, the various processes on the strict implementation of the standard is essential. So the requirements of the monitor in a timely manner to monitor the quality of the process of the product is the final product quality assurance.

In addition, the quality supervisors should not regularly inspect, promptly correct and deal with the phenomenon of violation of the process to ensure the strict implementation of the process.