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Cardboard Box Constituent Elements

Oct 17, 2017

Carton packaging directly affects the consumer's desire to buy. For the packaging industry specializing in Canton Carton factory, we are convinced that packaging is the establishment of product and consumer affinity powerful means. Cardboard Box Economic globalization today, packaging and goods have been integrated into one. Packaging as a means to realize the value of goods and use value in the field of production, Cardboard Box circulation, sales and consumption, play an extremely important role,

components, packaging design refers to the selection of appropriate packaging materials, the use of ingenious technology, packaging products for the container structure and packaging of decorative design. Cardboard Box The three main components of packaging design can be seen.

The appearance factor is the appearance of the product packaging surface, including the size, size and shape of the display surface. There are 3 kinds of forms we see in our daily life, Cardboard Box that is, natural form, man-made form and accidental form. But when we study the form of a product, we must find a form that is suitable for any nature, that is, to extract the common regularity of something, called abstract form. We know that shape is the form of elements, or that this is the form of elements, is a certain method, the rules constitute a variety of ever-changing forms. form is composed of several elements, such as point, line, face and body. Cardboard Box The main forms of packaging are: the combination of cylindrical, cuboid, cone and various forms and related forms, and the novelty of various shape packaging forms made up of different cutting forms, plays an important role in the visual guidance of consumers, Cardboard Box and the peculiar visual form can impress the consumers deeply. The packaging designer must be familiar with the characteristics and expressions of the form elements themselves, and this is the material of the beauty of the expression form.

The compressive strength of ① carton decreases with the prolonging of the stacking time, which is called fatigue phenomenon. The experiment shows that under the action of long-term load, the compressive strength of carton will decrease by 30% after one months, and after a year, Cardboard Box the compressive strength is only 50% of the initial value. In the design of carton material, the long circulating time of the carton should improve its safety factor.

② carton Stacking mode also has a certain effect on the compressive strength of carton. Carton vertical Pit in the direction of the pressure is much more than the direction of the transverse pit, Cardboard Box carton stacking should maintain the direction of vertical hole pressure. From the test results, the box corners of carton bear the highest pressure, Cardboard Box the farther away from the box angle, the lower the bearing pressure. Therefore the carton should try to keep the box angle and the box angle stacked when stacking the code.

The common carton stacking method has three kinds: brick-type, upper and lower parallel and windmill type (see Figure 3). In these three ways, the upper and lower parallel stacking code is advantageous to keep the box angle fully under pressure and thus the most reasonable. Cardboard Box Brick and windmill style should be avoided as far as possible.