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How to make a DIY gift box

Jan 12, 2017

Regardless of is love in the of couples, also is love years of couples also is married old wife, they most attention of is each Festival, especially talk of girl, always in various Festival in the will to beloved of that he prepared some special of gift, that sent what right of gift also can touches other of heart does, making a fine of DIY gift box to you beloved of that he (she) 's.
How to make a DIY gift box
Prepare two thick wrapping paper, a 13cm, a 13.5cm, a radius of, clearly marked ruler, rotary cutter, glue stick or double-sided stickers.
Needed to make a tray with a lid two square sheet of paper, and then carton or paper lids paper small half-inch, folded cartons will be one-third of the original paper, use a ruler to a good size, then cut two pieces of wrapping paper.
After 2, cut two pieces of paper, tile on the table the paper back up, fold both sides, when edge and corner a perfect fit after gently pressing with your finger line, and then repeat the action collapsed on the other side.
3, the next step is to fold the paper diagonally, bone forceps compact line, corner to confirm exact, similarly, the corners are folded once, finally, bone clamps compact line.
4, then your paper will appear on a central point, next to the center point, fold each of the four corners.
5, the bottom and top respectively to the four corners and the center point fold open the top and bottom edges square rotated 90 °, and then fold the top and bottom to center point.
6, complete the above 5 steps to completion of the fold exercise comes wrapped edges to make the shape of the box.
Open two opposing corners, then trace along the line folded surface on the edge of the box, start with a side folding and thumb on both sides, does not require that any new line, just follow this good line and stitches to make the edge of the tray again.