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How to fold a gift box

Jan 12, 2017

We all know what gift boxes, then you would fold a gift box? Did own fold, in fact, is quite beautiful hand-folded, to operate below it.
Remove the squares of white, diagonal, another pair on the corner are folded and open;
One corner of the two edges of the diagonal fold together, leaving clear the crease in the other three corners is repeated; We will see in the middle of square origami creases of the Octagon, Octagon along two adjacent edges folded to form triangular protrusions; also on the right side folded in the same step eventually formed two triangles protruding;
Large triangular projections, opened flat from the Middle, screaming on both sides of the Middle open, pulled screaming form the petals, and repeat other stories, put it up, forming a square gift box.
Step too complicated, but easy to understand, we can operate with their own hands the next. Select gift box can contact us by telephone, we produce all kinds of packaging box, gift box, many kinds of design quality, color matching, welcome to buy.