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Hand made gift box

Jan 12, 2017

When we give their gifts to a friend, and everyone want to send gift unique. Of course this also needs a foil gift box. Although malls sell gift box style types are also very much, but not enough to express our thoughts, let you manually gift box making, make your mind more original.
Gift box card Manually when making gift boxes, we need to prepare some 3 tape the paper tube, some wrapping paper, beautiful laces, artificial flowers, stone, scissors, glue, adhesives, DIY tools such as knives. First of all put the tapes that led to the paper tube draw two circles on the Board and a bottom box as a gift, as a lid. According to their size of two circles cut wrapping paper and cut out 2 rectangles of paper. Secondly you can use contact adhesive to list two tubes together to reach your desired height. Circular glued to the paper and then cut out the top and bottom of the cartridges. And then pasted on the cardboard tube inside the wrapping. Now you need to come up with green laces, paste it in a gift box at the edge of, then you can now place your artificial flowers, stones and paste on it. Such a gift box-making was completed.
These we provide you on gift box made of steps, if you want to have better understanding, you can contact us and we will be ready to answer your call!