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Gift box six elements

Jan 12, 2017

Gift box is often seen in our daily lives, from the aesthetic point of view, there's something impressive, something does not collect the fundus, which depends primarily on the design elements of the gift box, a successful packaging and design are inseparable from, the following design elements entered into with me:
(1) selection of gift boxes: the correctness of the choice of material affects the competitiveness of goods, so the first is very important;
(2) packaging colour: design colors and products are the best phase of coordination, this is very important, this is an integral element to stimulate consumer spending, reasonable combinations of tones, highlighting product characteristics, very strong appeal to customers;
(3) the shape of the packaging: designed according to the physical properties of the product packaging is critical, we must integrate our transport, exhibition and other factors taken into account in;
(4) packaging design: this is the core elements that give users a product impression, is the main elements test designers, indispensable, it is critical;
(5) label: this section allows us to understand product, including branding, production date, expiry date using the method, and so on;
(6) brand: every commodity has its own brand, the physical properties are unique, no other products can have, we want to make sure it is accurate.